Day 1

I am four months away from turning 39. Which more importantly that means, I am only 16 months away from turning 40. I not only want to be the woman my daughter is proud to say, ‘That’s my mom!’… but I also want to be the woman that I am proud to say, ‘That’s me!’

I want to be an IRONMAN. Plain and simple. I want to get the red M tattooed under my bicep after I have finished the race. Official proof, I am strong, determined, and capable.

I invite you to join me on this journey. I will most likely complain, whine, and cuss, but the victory is going to be oh so sweet.

I am signed up for the Ironman UK in Bolton, England on July 19, 2015. All good odd numbers, going to be great!

I am ordinary. I am bent in many ways, but I am going to prove to myself, that anything really IS possible.

Welcome to my little, insecure world as I tackle the frailty of the human mind, body, and spirit. I put my bet on the human spirit though. I think we are all stronger than we allow ourselves to be.

WO: mile swim, felt strong today


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