Day 3: Goodness Inside

Great day. It is unseasonably warm for Denver right now. End of January and we have posted temperatures in the 70’s the last two days. Makes me very anxious to get out and ride the bike!

Drank a Green Machine Naked fruit drink after swimming today. I was reading all the ingredients of its ‘goodness inside’ (see attached image). Made me smile to think what if we could have a drink for our emotional ‘goodness inside’.

Let’s just take garlic, for instance. Garlic is known to be low in calories, so nothing excessive, but it is packed with Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, and Manganese (aids in processes in the body). Garlic is given credit for being able to help us ward off colds. It helps to reduce blood pressure, could prevent brain diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia, detoxify our bodies, improve athletic performance, and help us live longer!

So what emotional ingredient do we need that could possibly provide emotional benefits like what garlic does for us physically? Need something that fortifies us to emotionally process accurately. But nothing excessive, so no artificial feelings. No lies. Need something that can ward off depression and hopelessness. Reduce our anxiety, prevent worry, fend off negative thinking, improve our capacity to feel, and help us love longer!

Friendship? Validation? Encouragement? Sympathy? Honesty? Acceptance? Love?

That’s it! The power ingredient for emotional goodness inside would have to be love. Love has all the ingredients I already listed.

Call it the Love Machine, the berry smoothie for emotional goodness inside.

WO: 1.5 mile swim


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