Day 6: Intimidate Intimidation and Build Self-Confidence

Armed with my SMART goal, I anticipated waking with renewed vigor to bring my future self into the present. To my surprise, I had feelings of dread and lacked motivation. This is no good, I thought to myself. I am not even through week one, and I am already sluggish. Unacceptable. I reflected on my feelings and realized that I was intimidated.

I had set a lofty goal, and now I wasn’t so sure I could achieve it. I couldn’t let my future self intimidate my present self!

How to Intimidate Intimidation

Ultimately, intimidation happens when we undermine our self-worth or ability to achieve something. Self-worth doubts occur more often when we are intimidated by other people, and questioning our ability to achieve when we are trying to reach large goals. We are intimidated by others when we perceive ourselves to be less than them. This creates unwelcomed behaviors of anxiety, nervousness, and shyness. Lack of confidence to achieve is simply not recognizing our previous accomplishments. If we recognize our previous accomplishments then we are more likely to trust that we can achieve again.

The latter would accurately describe my scenario this morning. I do not have confidence in my ability to achieve. Time to knock that off. I guess I do need to hold true to the cheesy power statement I read on the gym wall the other day, “Believe, and you will achieve.”

Building Confidence in our Abilities

To boost our confidence in our abilities to achieve, we need to reach small goals. As those reached goals accumulate, refer back to those accomplishments when the next goal is intimidating you.

Follow this Intimidate Intimidation Game Plan and be on your way to a new, confident you.

Focus and complete the smaller daily steps, don’t look at the ‘big picture’ continuously.

Commend yourself for your accomplishments each day.

Remind yourself of previous accomplishments when the current day seems daunting.

Focus. Commend. Remind. You will build your confidence in your ability to achieve, and you, my friend, are now the intimidator.

WO: 60 minute cardio strength class


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