The Royal Guardsmen

The Royal Guardsmen

The kid learning how to protect the Queen…


First Tube Ride

First Tube Ride

On the Central Line headed down for the first trip into London (too cool for photos already?!?!).

Queen’s English

We are learning new words! For example,

rubbish is trash

bin is a trash can

boot is the trunk of the car

trousers are pants

knickers are ladies’ underwear

nicked is hit

A very important lesson I learned Thursday afternoon.  We spent Thursday seeking out places to rent (to let).  In my zeal to hurry up the process, I dashed across the street to the next letting agency.  I was almost ‘nicked’ by a car as the elderly onlooker exclaimed.  Remember, checking traffic to your right as a pedestrian is your first priority.  We are scheduled to look at places in Bishops Stortford this afternoon, Friday.  We are learning letting is very competitive here.  Scheduled a viewing yesterday afternoon (Thursday) for Friday afternoon and already that property was reserved!  The search continues. wish us luck!! 

Company Car

Landed Wednesday morning at 8:37 (according to the kid), freshened up in the Club, and then were picked up from Heathrow and chauffeured out to Chris’s new office.  The kid fell asleep immediately in the car.  Poor thing was so tired, her eyes were watering.

Chris coordinated some business details then gathered the company cell phone and the company car. 

In regards to the car, we learned:

Because it doesn’t start, is not an indicator of its eventual performance!  Because its AC blows hot air, it still has the special feature of old fashioned AC, ‘windows rolled down’!  Because its navigation system replies, “Your destination has failed.”  We can still find our way.

We finally made our final destination, Colchester (the oldest recorded town in England), called it a day at 10:30 that night, exhausted!!!