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Day 5: Set a SMART Goal and Achieve

The experts have weighed in even though we are becoming disinterested with their goal setting updates.  However, it is still true; goal setting does more good than harm.  Goals give us the focus necessary to forge our direction in life.

Ask yourself these questions before locking yourself into a goal.  Is your goal really something you want or does it just sound cool?  If it is not something you really want then you won’t be motivated to achieve it.  Now that can cause more harm than good.

Goal Setting Benefits

The benefits of goal setting are numerous.  Goal setting provides you with a big picture of your life.  Goal setting can help keep you organized and minimize daily distractions.  If you achieve your goal, enjoy the self-confidence boost.  Goal setting also staves off the mundane feeling to everyday living.  Each day is another step closer to realizing your desires.  It is advantageous to keep your set goals positive and wherever possible add some flexibility.

Write It Down

Goals should be written down for three reasons.  One, you can check off your progress.  Two, you can prepare for the next day’s action steps, and three, you will have a record of your forward progress in life.  Simply put, bragging rights.


SMART goals are still surviving the criticism of the times.  Your goals need to be SMART.

-Specific: Include tasks that are detailed and action oriented.

-Measurable: If you cannot assign a number to it, it is not measurable.  For example, for 15 minutes I will meditate each day.  Not I will become more relaxed.

-Attainable: Identify precise action steps you will take each day to achieve your goal.

-Relevant:  Is your goal meaningful to you?  Will it be rewarding to achieve it?  If you answered no, get a new goal.

-Time bound: Set a time limit.  You will complete your action steps for how long over how many days?

My SMART goal:  I will finish the Ironman UK in July 2015.  I have selected a beginner’s triathlete training plan.  It is a 20 week plan.  It is specific for each day.  Measureable.  Attainable.  Relevant.  And Time Bound.

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