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Day 4: The Future Self Now

I always find those inspirational quotes at times annoying. If you believe than you can achieve. Really? My leg is broken, now what. Ironically, I found this Ted Talk quite insightful. Daniel Goldstein was discussing how self-discipline is a muscle that if we use it often enough it becomes fitter and thus does its job. It maintains our pre-planned course regardless of the temptations in our path. He mocked the commitment devices we often lay ourselves prey to, for example, pay one dollar every time you cuss. Though these are well-intentioned efforts, ultimately we are telling ourselves we are powerless to change our behavior.

He pinpointed the real battle is between our present self and our future self. Our present self has all the power because it is just that, in the present. Our future self is voiceless because we have yet to fully grasp our future self outside of our present self. He encouraged his audience to restore their belief in their future self. Goldstein challenged his listeners to give a voice to their future self that is held hostage to the behaviors of their present self.

The only way I could think of to give my future self a shot at convincing the present self delayed gratification is worthwhile was to visualize that futuristic moment when future self gets what it wants. Ultimately, what I want. My present self will quickly forget any discomforts because my present self will become my future self. I realized too that if your present self has let you down enough times, you’ll eventually end up ignoring that voice. So as I spun my pedals around and around in monotonous circles today, I brought my future self’s voice into the present self. I am an IM finisher.


WO: 21 miles in spin class