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Day 2: Purpose

“Find a purpose in life so big it will challenge every capacity to be at your best.” David O. McKay

Hmm, I think lofty goals could qualify as well as a purpose. Yes, I think the Ironman journey qualifies, but while I was swimming I wondered, “What else challenges our every capacity to be at our best?” Parenting! Every day, every moment. Am I patient? Did I handle that situation in the most loving way? Was I present and giving it my all or just trying to get her to stop yammering? Did I offer the most kid-friendly solution, or rush through the explanation as if she was an adult or teenager at best? Yes, to be a good mom to Isabelle is challenging my every capacity. I thank her for that! I also thought how changing seasons of life demand our every capacity. How do we respond when things do not going according to plan? Divorce? Loss of job? Career change? Health upsets? Financial hardships? Do we despair and lose hope? Do we slumber longer than we should in futile thinking? Do we cling to an excuse, so we do not have to ante up our very best? I have. I have despaired and quit putting energy into hope before. I have worried in circles in unproductive thought. Clinging to excuses…still working on that one. Which is part of my IM journey, there is no excuse for not doing the workouts and not finishing! WO: .5 mile swim and 12 mile stationary bike